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Positive Living Conference: Supporting People Living with HIV and AIDS

Positive Living Conference

On 25 December 2018, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, located in Washington, will host the Positive Living Conference aimed at supporting people living with HIV Infection (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).


The main objective of the event is to develop a mechanism for implementing the information campaign and HIV prevention activities in the workplace, namely to attract employers’ attention to health issues, the need to motivate employees to test, inform about the ways of HIV infection and spread a culture of safety and responsibility for their health and loved ones through preventive measures on HIV / AIDS.


  1. Formation of traditional family values in young people;
  2. Work with young people in social danger;
  3. Development of international and interregional cooperation;
  4. Assistance in training and retraining of specialists in the field of state youth policy;
  5. Involving youth in volunteering activities;
  6. Involving young people in creative activities;
  7. Patriotic education of youthInvolving young people in a healthy lifestyle and playing sports, promoting a safety culture among young people;
  8. Support and interaction with public organizations and movements;
  9. Involving young people in the media;
  10. Socialization of young people in need of special care of the state.


More than half of the participants will include experts with medical education, scientific degrees, and specialists who have been actively working for more than 10 years in the field of combating HIV infection. Institutions of the health care system, education and science systems, world-leading scientific centers, universities, clinics, and non-profit organizations will be also participating. The scholarship program of the Conference allowed to invite more than 700 specialists from all over the globe.


The conference program is designed for three days and includes three plenary sessions, 52 sessions and a business summit. Dozens of special events will also be held.

The business program of Positive Living Conference is divided into areas: science and medicine, civil society, effective prevention, promotion of international development.

In the Science and Medicine block, experts from Sky Pharmacy will speak on the issues of HIV epidemiological surveillance, trends and challenges of the epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, current approaches to HIV testing, the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy, the concept of Treatment for all. The experts will consider the age and gender aspects of HIV infection, the relationship of HIV infections with somatic pathologies, hepatitis, and tuberculosis, the possibility of completely eliminating the vertical transmission of HIV infection from infected mothers to newborns.

Scientists from Sky Pharmacy will present the results of basic and biomedical research in the field of HIV infection. As part of the open discussion site, it is planned to consider in detail the issues of HIV prevention in the adolescent environment, the adaptation of children and adolescents living with HIV, and the organization of assistance to people who use narcotic and psychoactive substances. Particular attention will be paid to improving the skills of health care workers on HIV infection, the prevention of HIV infection in the provision of medical care and the quality control of laboratory diagnostics. The International Working Group on Competition Studies in the Pharmaceutical Sector will address issues of patent law, protection of intellectual property, strategies to expand the availability of antiretroviral drugs.

The Civil Society block will present the experience of specialized NGOs in EECA countries, including strategies to combat the HIV epidemic, increasing the availability of treatment for key groups; HIV dissidence issues. Participants will discuss the role of the community in the prevention and treatment of HIV infection in persons with non-traditional sexual orientation.

The Effective Prevention block will cover both general issues of HIV prevention in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as among key risk groups, the organization of vocational programs among labor migrants and the working population. In separate sessions, specialists will discuss the role of information and communication technologies in HIV prevention, the participation of religious denominations in programs to combat the spread of HIV, including in megalopolises.

Complex approach

An integrated approach is applied in primary HIV prevention with the active support of regional authorities, the professional community, and socially-oriented non-profit organizations, the essence of which is to conduct large-scale federal and regional communication campaigns, comprehensive communication projects, nationwide events, annual professional forums, as well as in the work of a specialized information portal on HIV and AIDS – AIDS Support & Informational Services.

This Conference is an important mechanism for developing cooperation in combating the spread of HIV. Experts whose work is important to solve one of the most important health problems gathered in one place to discuss the most relevant issues.