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Sky Pharmacy App

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Sky Pharmacy mobile app helps to take care of health without extra effort. You make an order on the website, the services through meds app promptly bring medicines to the specified location.

The main idea of pharmacy discount app is to offer the pharmaceutical retail market a high-quality and reliable foundation that ensures the stable operation of pharmacies and pharmacy chains, which meets modern requirements for effective business automation and can quickly adapt to changing legal requirements and provide solutions for the growth of the pharmacy business.

Why choose a mobile app?

High effectiveness
The pharmacy app increases the profit of pharmacies due to flexible assortment management, pricing, discount and bonus system, as well as by building an effective automated system for ordering goods.

It includes all key functions in one program: auto-order with intelligent adaptive calculation of needs, a summary price list of suppliers, pricing and discount with a variety of settings, a reference book with additional sales chains, a cash register with tips for increasing the average check, comprehensive solutions for marketing management, organization finance, analytics and reporting, online booking.

Trusted service
It increases the speed of business decision-making due to quickly updated data in the central office, since the exchange with pharmacies does not take place in separate data packages, but with the help of full synchronization.

Mobile App for Your Comfort

Many possibilities
It easily adapts to the tasks of customers, having a variety of settings and functionality available to users, as well as a high speed of improvements according to customer specifications.

High reliability
It allows you to work effectively in all regions of the country due to high fault tolerance and reliable program code. Even in case of Internet interruptions and, as a result, lack of connection with the server, the cash register can continue to work offline, storing data in a local database.

Transition training
Mandatory training of pharmacy employees to work with the mobile app during the transition by practitioners with higher pharmaceutical education, and not technical specialists.

Own technical support
Receiving orders from customers in a special service, allows you to track the quality and timing of solving the questions posed by users. There is also an opportunity to train an IT specialist of the pharmacy network.

How to quickly find medicines in Sky Pharmacy app?

To find a medicine, you need to do a few simple steps:

  1. find the searching field at the top of the site;
  2. start typing the name of the drug in the search bar and select the desired drug from the drop-down list;
  3. next, the service will show whether the desired drug is available. From pharmacies, choose a comfortable one for yourself both by location and price;
  4. at the end of the search, it is advisable to choose the delivery method and clarify the location.