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Is Sky Pharmacy Legit?

As the number of users of virtual stores increases, so does the number of purchases in online pharmacies. However, the pace is by no means predictable. More than 90% of the turnover of this market continues to form the online pharmacy sector. The cost of courier delivery allows ordinary Americans to use online pharmacies.

Like the entire global e-commerce industry, Internet pharmaceuticals increase by more than 10-20% and will survive in the future.

More than a thousand online pharmacies are actively operating in the US market, which forms the main share of the turnover of global online commerce as a whole. According to advisors analysts, the main consumer audience of online pharmacies in the United States is young and elderly people, which radically distinguishes this e-commerce sector from most others.

As a result, you may understand Sky Pharmacy is legit on the territory of the United States. We may assume that almost every American may make an ordr for medications online with AirMail or Courier delivery. It is allowable to make an order for either branded or generic medicines produced by global and national pharmaceutical companies.

The evidence Sky Pharmacy is legitimate

The number of evidence of legitimacy this online service is:

  • the organized online catalog;
  • full description for the medications;
  • dosages and how to apply medications;
  • specified delivery options;
  • bonuses and discounts attractive for customers.

In the free market, that is, without prescriptions from a doctor, in the United States you can buy a very limited list of medicines: vitamins, supplements, antibacterial agents and so on. The most serious medications that you can buy without a prescription are antipyretics and painkillers, in all other cases you need a prescription from a doctor.

All medicines ordered are packaged by pharmacists in special jars. The number of tablets is limited by the duration of the course. If the doctor recommended taking 3 tablets a day for 10 days, then 30 tablets will be put in the jar. A sticker with the name of the tablets and instructions for use is glued to the jar. The tablets themselves also contain a code so that one preparation cannot be confused with another.

So that every person may be asked to submit a prescription confirmed the disgnosis and the drugs prescribed. But it is still possible to reduce expenses for meds buying them in Sky Pharmacy or any other online pharmacy operated on the territory of the United States.